Good Morning Israel

Boker Tov Israel
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Directed by: Amir Har-Gil
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20 years ago filmmaker Amir Har-Gil documented five Israeli teenagers of different backgrounds in Israeli society - Meir from Kibutz Ma'abarot, Sa'ar from the wealthy Tel Aviv neighborhood Ramat Aviv, Meir from the southern development town of Ofakim, Moondar from the Arab town Taibeh, and Yehoshua from the ultra orthodox Chabad Village. These young boys, representing a microcosm of Israeli society, share their thoughts regarding Israel's future and their own.

Since then Har-Gil revisits these youngsters after 10 years and now, after 20 years. They are 30 something, with families of their own and a more mature and realistic (some may say pessimistic) view on Israel's society and future.

Through their eyes and Har-Gil's, we come to realize what Israel was like, what it had aspired to, and what it has eventually become.

Subject:Tel Aviv, Adolescence, Arab Citizens of Israel
Director:Amir Har-Gil
Producers:Yahaly Gat
Production company:Muse Productions
Film Distributor:Dragoman Films
+1 (718) 971 - 5857
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