Jerusalem Boxing Club

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Directed by: Helen Yanovsky
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Gershon Luxemburg operates the Jerusalem Boxing Club in a bomb shelter in the southern neighborhoods of Jerusalem. With hundreds of teens coming to the club throughout the years, Gershon claims that “nobody comes to box without a reason.”

The film follows four teens. Gaith, from the Palestinian neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, Christina, from a nearby boarding school, Vlad, from the Katamonim Quarter, and Akiva, from the settlement of Beit-El. Together, they travel to championships all over the country. Gershon teaches them self-confidence, wisdom and how to treat opponents with respect, even in the heat of a fight. The will to excel and win is fed by the intense.

Subject:Jerusalem, Sports, Adolescence
Director:Helen Yanovsky
Film Distributor:Ruth Diskin Films Ltd.
972-2- 6724256


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