Jerusalem Right - Tel-Aviv Left

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On the line between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv move the perpetual wanderers. The ones between sacredness and secular, between becoming religious to converting to secular, abandoning town, leaving behind their families, longing to a human connection.

This is, in a way, the story of the Director of this film. Twenty years after Alon Sharvit's family became religious, except for him, he goes out to look into the process of becoming religious or secular, focusing on the bond between the ultra-orthodox and the secular family members.

A son, who became secular, left his ultra-orthodox family in Jerusalem to the agnostic Tel-Aviv. Years later, destiny reunites them in the most dramatic moment of their life.

A father, who became religious, left his bohemian life in Tel Aviv to the world of the Torah in Jerusalem, leaving behind a little girl and a great love he prayed not to lose. Eighteen years after, they meet for self examination.

The son of a well known Rabbi became secular and established an association for persons like him, leaving religion to become secular. After seven years of struggle against the ultra orthodox society, he comes back home - repenting.

Through the life stories of the three protagonists, the journey is described in three parts: The tearing apart in the first section, the longing for belonging in the second and the coming home in the third. Years of searching and struggling to reach the reconciliation that takes place on the screen.

Subject:Tel Aviv, Family, Jerusalem, Judaism
Film Distributor:IsraeliFilms
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