Jerusalem Syndrome

Le Syndrome de Jerusalem
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The Jerusalem Syndrome is a comic road movie showing Israel in a way never done before and aimed at anyone who is young at heart, who still dreams, who still believes in freedom and love.


It tells the story of a young Israeli who has recently returned from India and who is so in love with a Russian prostitute that he decides to kidnap her from her Georgian pimp. In order to do so, he borrows a gun and hails a jitney taxi. But, problems arise when he realizes that the cab is not empty and he finds himself involving the other passengers in his scheme: a young, sexy female soldier who just broke up with her boyfriend, a new-age waitress on her way to a meditation festival in the desert, a Yeshiva student carrying a very sacred Streimel and a French civil servant who suffers from the Jerusalem Syndrome and believes he is the Prophet Jonas from the Bible.


This small, improbable group joins forces to free Ivana and then starts running for their lives towards the desert offering a unique experience of tolerance, freedom and bonding.


Subject:Family, Comedy, Politics, Crime, Adolescence, Foreign Workers
Director:Stéphane Bélaïsch, Emmanuel Naccache
Producers:Haim Bouzaglo, Joseph Grinkorn
Production company:Chaos Films
00 972 502099955


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