Journey to Jerusalem

Patuvane kam Yerusalim
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Directed by: Ivan Nitchev
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Two kids (German Jews accompanied by an old uncle) are trying to escape from the raging fascists towards the land of their ancestors - Palestine. They have to reach Istanbul by train and then to proceed onboard a ship. The sudden death of the uncle is the reason why the brother and sister instead find themselves in Istanbul at the Sofia railway station.


Destiny has prepared the two children to meet a itinerant troupe. Shabby hotel rooms, jalopy buses, 'tremendous artistic success' and constant shortage of money mark their days as in a colorful merry-go-round. Sofia, Plovdiv, Shumen and, at last, Varna, the town they were dreaming for. The poor members of the troupe put down the very last they have in order to pay the access of two children abroad. They will suffer waving them 'good bye' but they are happy as well for the good deed achieved - to help your fellowmen in danger. Bulgaria managed to rescue all its Jewish origin - over 50,000 people - during WWII.


Subject:Friendship, Family, Politics, Children, Anti-Semitism, History
Director:Ivan Nitchev
Producers:Kiril Kirilov
Production company:Eurimages
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