Directed by: Emmanuel Naccache
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On January 19, 2010, Mahmoud al Mabhouh was found dead in his hotel room in Dubai. The local police accused the Mossad and released security-camera footage showing supposed Israeli agents caught on tape in the preparation and execution of the murder, immediately making headlines all over the world. But no one was as shocked as the Mossad itself.

Subject:Comedy, Crime
Director:Emmanuel Naccache
Producers:Michael Sharfshtein, Manuel Munz, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery
Production company:United King Films
Moshe Edery

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Bar Refaeli

Now You See Her: Bar Refaeli Poses as a Spy in Much-Anticipated Israeli Film

In February 2010 the international media was taken by storm: Dubai police released still photos and videos taken by security cameras that showed the foreign agents who had been sent to assassinate a..View More

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