King Lati the First

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Directed by: Uri Bar-On
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Lati is only eight years old, but he already has a heavy load on his shoulders. Born in Tel Aviv to a Senegalese father and a Belarusian mother, he is heir to the throne of a Senegalese tribe. But he is also a typical Israeli child; a fan of McDonald's and especially of the local basketball team.


He is now about to travel to his kingdom for the first time where over one million of his subjects await his return. Told with a light, comic tone, this film highlights the personal cost of globalization and the dilemma we face as we straddle the crossroads of tradition and modernity.


Subject:Family, Politics, Children, Community, Adolescence, Globalization
Director:Uri Bar-On
Producers:Uri Bar-On, Kobi Zaig-Mendez

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