Late Summer Blues

Blues Lahofesh Hagadol
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Directed by: Renen Schorr
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A group of close friends celebrate the bittersweet changes coming to their lives during the summer of their high-school graduation: adult responsibilities, adult romance -- and the soberingly adult fact that some of their number are being drafted into the Israeli army.


This has very much the feel of a high-school beach-party movie -- with music, and in Hebrew -- until a sudden and disturbingly realistic reminder of their own mortality finally slashes through the kids' cheerful, close-knit obliviousness.


Subject:Friendship, Death, Comedy, Army , Adolescence
Director:Renen Schorr
Producers:Ilan De Vries, Doron Nesher, Renen Schorr
Production company:Blues Productions Ltd
Nachshon Films
Film Distributor:Kino International
(212) 629-6880
Ergo Media



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