Legends of the Ten Lost Tribes

Directed by: Aran Patinkin
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The legend begins where history fades out.  After the death of King Solomon, the Hebrew nation split into two kingdoms. The Southern Kingdom of Judas comprised of two tribes, one of which, Judas, is the ancestors of today’s “Jews”.   The Northern Kingdom of Israel, centered in Samaria, united the remaining ten tribes.  In the year 722 BC, the Assyrians conquered the Kingdom of Israel and sent the Ten Tribes into Exile.  Since then, their fate has been cloaked in a shroud of mystery and legend. 

Although the Ten Tribes disappeared as an historical entity, they spread the Hebrew spirit by assimilating among the nations of the world, preserving its hidden presence. Perhaps this is why such a variety of people from all corners of the earth claim some connection to the Tribes.  Like the mystery itself, these communities appear in unexpected contexts, defying ordinary explanation. Though blurred by cultural diversity and historical circumstances, they all point to this same origin, a common intention of unity. 

This thirteen-part documentary series takes viewers through a colorful mosaic of 13 communities, spanning the entire globe, including the Samaritans in Israel, the Ibos in Nigeria, the Bene Israel in India, the Rastafarians of Jamaica, the Israelitas in Peru, the Karaites in Poland and Lithuania, descendants of Crypto-Jews in Dallas, and others. As Nick, the Techno-music prophet, points out in the concluding chapter of the series: “The Lost Tribes were so lost that you can find them anywhere”. 


Director:Aran Patinkin
Production company:Miracle Film Productions

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