Leibowitz: Faith, Country and Man

Leibowitz, Emuna Adama Adam
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Directed by: Uri Rosenwaks
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Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz (1903-1994) was an iconoclastic thinker, a scientist a social critic and an Orthodox Jew. He outraged Israelis with lacerating commentary on the country's political, military and religious practices, especially over Israel's policies in the occupied territories and its political and religious culture.

It has been decades since Leibowitz passed away at the age of 91, and it seems that there hasn't been a week without mention of his name in the media, as though he is still here, alive and kicking.

Leibowitz was a very paradoxical figure: on the one hand dogmatic and conservative and on the other enlightened and innovative. His public persona was opposing and outspoken and even scary at times, while at the same time his home was open to all. Thousands of people, secular, religious and orthodox, turned to him for advice.

Through a documented journey with his family members, followers and opponents who depict his life and the major aspects of his oeuvre, the series attempts to decipher the man. In many ways, the doctrines of Yishayahu Leibowitz are still valid and remain opposing, bothersome and challenging to the fate of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.


Director:Uri Rosenwaks
Producers:Haim Slutzky, Dari Shay
Production company:J. Uri Ltd.
Dana Productions
Film Distributor:Ruth Diskin Films Ltd.
972-2- 6724256

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