Let's Dance!

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Directed by: Gabriel Bibliowicz
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Let's Dance is a film about the soul of Israeli society-dance. The film presents Israeli society as a dancing society and the way in which the need to move, shift, and to be in motion has raised generations of dancers and choreographers who have turned local modern dance into a national and international success story.

Through the works of leading choreographers Ohad Naharin, Rami Be'er, and Yasmeen Godder, Let's Dance! opens a window to their sources of inspiration-to the vibrant and exotic world of the pioneer choreographers and to the story of the development of the local dance scene. Combining spectacular pieces of video-dance, rich archival material, interviews, and visual demonstrations, the film offers a unique and surprising view on Israeli society, as well as on dance.


Director:Gabriel Bibliowicz
Producers:Assaf Amir
Production company:Norma Productions
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