Living in Illusions

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Directed by: Tzvika Binder
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In the 1980s magicians Chicko and Diko were huge stars. They were regulars on the hit TV show "Shminiyot Ba'Avir," had hundreds of sold-out shows with Ofra Haza - Israel's biggest pop star, won the Israeli Emmy award, received thousands of fan letters, and owned a thriving magic business. Every kid knew them. Then came the fall. Chicko was charged with rape, pressed with criminal charges, ran away from Israel, and his career ended abruptly.    Today – 20 years later – his father Diko sits in his small magic shop, planning his comeback with his loyal sidekick "The Legendary Yoav," still believing their star will shine again. The magic store is now a meeting place for has-been magicians, kids shopping for cheap tricks, and various oddballs who enjoy the magical atmosphere.   The film relates the implausible, fantastic rise and fall of Mordechai and Itzik Zohar, a father and son from Tel Aviv, who became Chicko and Diko, Israel's most famous magical duo.

Subject:Friendship, Tel Aviv, Politics, Domestic Violence, History, Substance Abuse, Theater, Visual Arts
Director:Tzvika Binder
Producers:Shula Spiegel, Dana Eden
Production company:Shula Spiegel Ltd.
Donna Productions

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