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Directed by: Savi Gabizon
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Ariel, a well-off, childless man, gets a phone call from his college girlfriend. She needs to tell him a couple of very surprising things: first, when they broke up twenty years ago, she was pregnant and went on to have a lovely boy. The second thing will change his life forever. This is a journey that creates laboratory-like conditions to explore the hidden aspects of parenthood beyond giving and responsibility. Most of all, this is a very sad comedy.

Subject:Family, Children
Director:Savi Gabizon
Producers:Leon Edery, Moshe Edery, Savi Gabizon, Tami Leon, Chilic Michaely, Avraham Pirchi
Production company:Israel Film Fund
+972 3 5628180
Keshet Broadcasting
Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts
Utopia camera services
Film Distributor:United Channel Movies

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