Loving Sophia

Loving Sophia
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Directed by: Ohad Itach
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The dark corners of growing up as a new immigrant are powerfully explored in this intense documentary. Arriving in Israel from Moldova in the 1990's left Sophia unstable and yearning for more. Her well educated parents are unable to control their only daughter as she rapidly descends from singer in a rock-band to drug addict and to prostitute. Sophia is strong and weak, vulnerable and impervious. Her wrenching journey into darkness is strikingly documented by filmmaker Ohad Itach whose chance meeting with Sophia leads not only to a powerful film, but to the possibility of moving forward.


Subject:Aging , Adolescence, 1990's, Substance Abuse
Director:Ohad Itach
Producers:Ohad Itach
Film Distributor:Ruth Diskin Films Ltd.
972-2- 6724256
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