Melting Away

Namess ba'Geshem
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Directed by: Doron Eran
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Melting Away is a story about family. Parker Hendrikson, a teenager from suburban Toronto, has been kicked out of his family’s house because his homophobic father Theodore, cannot handle the “embarrassment” and the shock when they discover their son’s penchant for cross-dressing.


The story fast forwards a few years and Parker is now Cheyenne, a drag queen diva performing at Toronto’s best gay club, The Pole Vault, which is run by T-Bonz, Cheyenne’s boyfriend.


One day, Cheyenne meats Davis, a private investigator who has been hired by Katherine Hendrikson (Parker’s mother) to find her son and inform him that his father is dying of cancer and that she would like to reconnect.


At first, Cheyenne is unwilling to even speaking to her parents and hold a deep resentment for them throwing her out on her ear when she was a teenage boy living in their house. Her curiously gets the better of her and she decides to dress up as a nurse and begins to visit her father daily.


As Nurse Annie, Cheyenne develops a new side to their relationship. She tries to gain some closure with her father, the way she was not able to as Parker. Theodore senses a strong bond between them and eventually is able to let go of his pent up emotions and inch closer to the relationship he wished he had and so desperately regrets abandoning.


One day, Victor, Theodore’s brother is visiting the hospital and stumbles upon some information that reveals Nurse Annie’s/Cheyenne’s original identity and tries to derail the progress that Cheyenne is making with Theodore.


All the while, Katherine keeps asking Davis when she will be able to see her son again and to set up a meeting, not knowing that the nurse who has been caring for her husband, is actually their son.


As life unfolds for the Henrikson family, old relationships are ripped apart and new ones are formed. An emotional tale that touches on real issues of sexuality and how everyday people handle themselves when forced to deal with life and death and was is left in the wake – with what is Melting Away.

Subject:Family, Homosexuality, Sexuality, LGBTQ
Director:Doron Eran
Producers:Doron Eran, Leon Edery, Moshe Edery, Bili Ben Boshe
Production company:Tel Aviv Doco Ltd
United King Films
Moshe Edery
Hen Yanni in “Melting Away”

Israeli film embraces transgender teen, stunned parents

Doron Eran's empathetic and touching drama "Melting Away" may be the first Israeli feature film about parents coming to terms with a transgendered child. It begins with a poignant confession. "No a..View More

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