Menahem and fred

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Menachem and Fred

Menachem ve Fred
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This is the story of two brothers who for decades feared to meet.

Only when rare letters were found, from their parents in a concentration camp, did Menachem and Fred start to re-establish contact and come to terms with their past.

Menachem and Fred live in two extremes of Jewish identity.  Fred is an American aerospace engineer.  His children are married to Christians.  Menachem is religious, holds a doctorate in science and lives in Jerusalem.  His children live in West Bank settlements.

The film accompanies Menachem and Fred on an emotionally charged journey, through which a strange, unexpected relationship develops with the Hopp family, sons of the Nazi who deported their family from their home in Germany.

Subject:Family, Holocaust, Judaism, Christianity
Director:Ofra Tevet, Ronit Kertsner
Producers:Ronit Kertsner, Jens Meurer, Ofra Tevet
Production company:Ronit Kertsner & Ofra Tevet Productions
Jens Meurer
Film Distributor:Go2Films Distribution & Marketing
The Little Film Company
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