Mrs. Moskowitz and the Cats

Ba'Derech El Ha'hatulim
Directed by: Jorge Gurvich
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When Yolanda Moscowitz, a retired French teacher, wakes up in a hospital geriatric ward, she is convinced it must be a mistake. But the titanium plate in her hip confines her to a wheelchair and to a lengthy convalescence. Nonetheless, Yolanda discovers a new life in the hospital. She develops a close relationship with Allegra, a solitary woman who is her roommate, and she meets Shaul, a former soccer player, who makes her feel certain emotions she thought had vanished from her life for good. Like a young woman in love, she does anything to get Shaul's attention. When the time comes for Yolanda to return home, she is forced to return to her life of loneliness. Just as she's about to renounce her possessions to win over the friendship of a caregiver, there's a knock at her door.

Subject:Friendship, Romance, Illness
Director:Jorge Gurvich
Producers:Jorge Gurvich, Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait, Elie Meirovitz
Production company:Lama Productions
EZ Films
+33 6 82 47 34 20
La Strada Productions
Film Distributor:EZ Films
+33 6 82 47 34 20



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