My Father, My Lord

Chufshat Ha'Kayitz
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Directed by: David Volach
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Abraham Eidelmann, an old ultra-orthodox rabbi, has a young wife, Esther, and a young son, Menahem. He spends all his time praying, studying the Torah and preparing his sermons. Abraham has not much time to devote to Esther, who craves affection, nor to Menahem, who is awakening to life. But today Menahem is happy. His father has accepted to go to the Dead Sea for their holidays

Subject:Family, Judaism, Jewish Holidays
Director:David Volach
Producers:Eyal Shiray, Gill Sassover
Production company:Cinema Project
Golden Cinema Ltd.
New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television
+972 3-5220909
EZ Films
+33 6 82 47 34 20
Film Distributor:Kino International
(212) 629-6880
Sophie Dulac Distribution
01 44 43 46 05
Sophie Dulac Distribution
Erez Films
Artificial eye
EZ Films
+33 6 82 47 34 20



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