My Fuhrer

Mein Fuhrer
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Directed by: Dani Levy
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The bastard love child of Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator and Mel Brooks’ The ProducersMy Führer is a wildly provocative and laugh-out-loud satire about Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

December 1944: Berlin lies in ruins and the war is as good as lost. Goebbels is convinced all the country needs is a re-energizing speech from the Führer. Adolf, however, is only a shadow of his former self; demoralized and depressed, he hides in his office. The only man who can help is Germany’s finest acting teacher, Adolf Grünbaum – a Jew.

Subject:Comedy, Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, History, 1940's
Director:Dani Levy
Producers:Stefan Arndt, Marcos Kantis, Barbara Buhl, Lena Amanda Koch, Bettina Reitz, Andreas Schreitmuller
Production company:Arte
Bayerischer Rundfunk
Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)
X-Filme Creative Pool
+49 / 30 / 230 833-11
Y-Filme Directors Pool
Film Distributor:First Run Features
Beta Cinema

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