My Lovely Sister

Ahoti ha'Yaffah
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Directed by: Marco Carmel
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The film is based on a modern Moroccan-Jewish legend and takes place in present-day Israel. It is a triple love story between the primitively superstitious Rahma, her rude husband Robert, and the ghost of Rahma's beautiful sister Mary who died from the pain of banishment, because she followed her heart and chose to live with an Arab man.


Rahma and Robert's conscience will be tested through an emotional and passionate journey with the ghost of Mary so that they can fall in love and accept one another. This surreal legend takes place in the impoverished housing blocks of Israel's peripheral towns. This is also a political story of national fervor.

Subject:Romance, Judaism
Director:Marco Carmel
Producers:David Mandil, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery
Production company:United King Films
Moshe Edery
Film Distributor:IsraeliFilms
+972-3-6812121, 972-50-5572957
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