My Own Daughter

Biti sheli
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Directed by: Mooly Landesman
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Sivan, a 22 year old kibbutznik struggles with memories of her father who sexually abused her. The present intermingles with the story of the past: the institutions which lacked the sensitivity to deal with her trauma, the silence and impenetrability of the kibbutz, the indifference of the police and the legal system and the family that doesn't know how to cope. After seeking professional help, Sivan decides to sue her father and take a stand against him for the first time.

Subject:Kibbutz, Crime, Domestic Violence, Human Rights Issues
Director:Mooly Landesman
Producers:Mooly Landesman, Tslil Landsman
Production company:Sadot Films
+972 46801072
United Studios of Herzliyah
+972 9 7481188


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