Nina's Tragedies

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Nina's Tragedies

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Nina's Tragedies

Ha-Asonot Shel Nina
Directed by: Savi Gabizon
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Nadav, a 14 year old boy, tells the story of his torn family: his parents divorce, his dying father, his wild and promiscuous mother and most of all, the story of his beautiful, wonderful and sexy aunt Nina. After the death of Chaimon - Ninas' husband, Nadav is asked to move in with her. For Nadav, who is totally obsessed with Nina this is a beautiful period. Nadav helps Nina recover and feels like assuming the role of "the man" in her life. Nadav's "ideal" setting is shattered when a new man enters Nina's life. Hurt and betrayed, Nadav tries to fight for her heart until he gives up. In the process, he understands something new about love, family, sexuality and himself.

Subject:Women, Death, Romance, Adolescence, Sexuality
Director:Savi Gabizon
Producers:Anat Assoulin, Savi Gabizon
Production company:Anat Assulin Productions Ltd



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