Dead End

No Exit
Directed by: Dror Sabo
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It is the height of summer and the reality show "his heart's choice" is just about to launch its third season. Zacky Reibenbach, the show's creator, knows that without a really good gimmick, there is no way he will repeat the success of the previous two seasons, Until he recalls his film student - Yehuda Konitz. Yehuda has been documenting the rehabilitation of his friend Eitan for the past three years after the latter went blind under strange circumstances during his military service. His unique rehabilitation process was developed by Yael, Eitan's personal trainer and Yehuda's girlfriend. Yael is Eitan's eyes, and with her he is a true phenomenon, and this is exactly what Reibenbach is looking for.

Subject:Friendship, Romance, Filmmaking, Disability
Director:Dror Sabo
Producers:Ori Dickshtein, Michal Dvash
Production company:Shamaim Content and Production
972.3.7675555, 972-9-9595050
Film Distributor:Noa International Film Marketing
+972 (0) 52 3603660


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