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No Longer 17

Lo Bat 17
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A kibbutz in Israel is heavily in debt. In a last effort to produce a viable financial restructuring, the old, "unproductive" members are asked to leave the kibbutz, to make room for younger, more productive new members. Among those destined to leave is Shraga. His marriage to Clara is loveless while he desperately loves Bracha, his late brother's widow. Clara dreams of starting afresh with her husband in an old age home, in the far north of the country. Bracha on the other hand refuses to remain a mere no. 2. Shraga is asked to make a decision. Other family members are forced into joining this unresolvable conflict. Noa, 45, is one of them. Having left Israel many years ago, living in Amsterdam, she's forced back by her concern for Bracha, her mother. Noa's own daughter, Sherry, took off to India, shattered by a family secret. She too ends up in the kibbutz in search of her own truth. Finally, there's Reuven, the widower of Mira, Shraga's daugher, returning from Japan to face his in-laws and past misdemeanor. Against the background of a disintegrating society, the film ressurects the protagonists of the film "Noa at 17", at the time of a new, perhaps terminal, crisis of the Kibbutz.

Subject:Women, Kibbutz, Adolescence
Director:Itzhak Zepel Yeshurun
Producers:Itzhak Zepel Yeshurun, Avi Kleinberger

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