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Directed by: Jake Witzenfeld
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Three gay Palestinian friends explore the contradictions in their lives with Jewish filmmaker, Witzenfeld. Khader is at ease with his relationship with an Israeli lover as just another dimension of "otherness," while fervently political Fadi rejects intimate friendship with the enemy until he finds himself falling for one of their number. Naeem, in the closet to his traditional family, endures their increasing pressure to marry and start a family of his own. Together the three embark on a flamboyant form of activism involving video skits. In Arabic, Hebrew, and English with English subtitles.

Subject:Tel Aviv, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Homosexuality, Sexuality, Arab Citizens of Israel, LGBTQ
Official site:www.orientedfilm.com/#!about/cjg9
Director:Jake Witzenfeld
Production company:Conch Studios
Film Distributor:PICTURES

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