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Directed by: Saverio Costanzo
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A Palestinian family with five children lives outside town, near Israeli settlements. Samia, the wife, wants to leave; so does one teen son. Mohammad, the patriarch, is adamant that he is staying. Two of his adolescent children want to fight. His is the passive aggression of non-violent witness. Israeli soldiers burst into the home, taking over the second floor. At night, the family is locked in the living room. We see the effects of the occupation on the children and on the marriage. Through the eyes of Miriam, the older daughter, we watch the soldiers from her hiding place. Jamal, the eldest son, sets a trap with a grenade.

Subject:Women, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Army , Adolescence
Director:Saverio Costanzo
Producers:Mario Gianani
Production company:Istituto Luce
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Rai Cinemas
Film Distributor:Cinemien
Distribution Company
Frenetic Films
Istituto Luce
+39 06722861
Typecast Releasing
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