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Malkat Hakitah
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The movie tells a story of a boarding school in Israel with a radical new teacher whose methods are put to the test in this allegorical film by Itzhak Yeshurun.

Director Itzhak Yeshurun uses dissention in a high school as an allegory for the difficulties in mid-'80s Israeli society in this routine drama. One of the students in the school makes others miserable with his abrasive, brooding temperament after his girlfriend dumps him. Things start to go wrong when he and the other students work on a project to build an airplane, and the Arabs in the school are maliciously blamed for the trouble. The ex-girlfriend's punk brother shows up, and the entire situation deteriorates into violence.

Subject:Romance, Adolescence, Arab Citizens of Israel
Director:Itzhak Zepel Yeshurun

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