Rita Jahan Foruz

Rita Yahan Foruz
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Directed by: Ayal Goldberg
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Rita Jahan Farouz immigrated to Israel from Iran with her family, when she was eight years old. Now on the eve of her forty-ninth birthday, with enormous tension between Tehran and Jerusalem looming in the background, she is recording her first album in Farsi. As we watch her release her latest album, we discover an intimate family portrait, with close ties between Rita, her sisters, and their parents. At the same time we also see how much they really miss the country of their birth, which is no longer accessible to them, and how much they long for their extended family, now scattered around the world.

Even Rita, a well-known drama queen, could never have imagined the end of this personal and intimate journey, but one year later, at the age of fifty, she receives an official invitation to perform at the UN building in New York. The warm response she receives from her Iranian fans proves to us what we already knew, even though we often tend to forget it: Countries are made up of individuals, and there is nothing like music to bring them together.


Subject:Family, Career, Music, Biography, Immigration
Director:Ayal Goldberg
Production company:Kol-Miney Productions
Keshet Broadcasting
Film Distributor:Go2Films Distribution & Marketing
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