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Saga of a Photo

Sipur Hamathil Betmuna
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Directed by: Mooly Landesman
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This story begins in a photo that was hidden away for some eighty years. For a frozen moment the photo exposed the joy of my grandparents' wedding in 1926 in Berlin. A moment later, everything will turn upside down. This is the stormy life of Margot Klausner, a theatre-and-film pioneer.

This is a story about love, a love story that crosses borders, a love story between a woman and two men, a love story between a woman and the theatre, between a woman and the Land of Israel, about a mother's love for her children and the price of all these loves.

Rita Jahan Foruz, world famous singer, immigrated to Israel from Iran as a child. 40 years later, as the tension between Tehran and Jerusalem increases, she records her first album in Farsi.


Subject:Women, Career, Biography, Immigration, History, Theater, Arts
Director:Mooly Landesman
Producers:Tslil Landsman
Production company:Sadot Films
+972 46801072
IBA Channel 1
Film Distributor:Ruth Diskin Films Ltd.
972-2- 6724256


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