S#x Acts

Shesh Pe'amim
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Six Acts is a realistic paraphrase of a classic teen-movie, a deep dive into the "grey zone" of sexual abuse, told through the story of average suburban adolescents. The story takes place right now, next door.

Gili is a teenager who decides to change schools. She is determined to improve her fumbling social status. Over the course of a few weeks she hooks up with several different boys, all from her new school. Their encounters get more and more sexual, each time exploring their limits a little further. The boys are eager to take what is so generously offered, and Gili is thrilled with the attention. No tears, no complaints, no consequences. No adults. No one who says that maybe something is wrong...


Subject:Adolescence, Sexuality
Producers:Uddie Yerushalmi
Production company:Taz Film Productions


Six Acts

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