Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Tel Aviv Yafo
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In celebration of the 100 years since Tel Aviv's establishment, this two-part film depicts the remarkable, moving and humorous story of the largest and most important city in Israel, the secular and youthful alternative to Jerusalem.


Supported by in-depth research and rare archival materials, the film accompanies Tel Aviv from its inception, as an unpretentious neighborhood on the outskirts of Ottoman Jaffa, to the establishment of the State of Israel in the municipal museum of the big city that sprouted from that same little neighborhood. The film also documents the fate of Jaffa, the city that gave birth to Tel Aviv and was subsequently engulfed by it. It portrays the plethora of national conflicts, the political tensions and the cultural contradictions that made Tel Aviv-Jaffa a unique, vibrant city, an international metropolis.


Anat Zeltser and Modi Bar-On, Israeli's leading team of documentary filmmakers, have created a film as lively, diverse and intense as the city it depicts - an opulent collage of rare footage of the city's history and an impressive documentation of the architectural gems that led to Tel Aviv being named by Unesco as a World Heritage.


Modi Bar-On guides us through the story with vivacity and humor and does not leave out the embarrassing moments - such as the collapse of the trees  that aligned the fake boulevard created to impress Winston Churchill, the sewage pipe that was undersized and resulted in a decade long prohibition on swimming in the sea or the ticket the police gave Mayor Dizengoff for bathing in the sea in the nude.

Subject:Tel Aviv, Politics, Community, Jaffa
Director:Anat Zeltser, Gabi Bibliovitz
Producers:Anat Zeltser
Production company:Anat Zeltser
Film Distributor:Anat Zeltser
+972-3-6812121, 972-50-5572957



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