The Acting Teacher

Ha'Moreh L'mischak
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Directed by: Shlomo Hayun
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The Acting Teacher – A Cinematic Biography of Nissan Nativ

Nissan Nativ, winner of the Israel Prize for Theater, passed away in April 2008, at the age of 86, with no relatives, three weeks before receiving the Prize. In his will, he chose to bequeath one of the items from his art collection to 21 individuals who were dear to his heart, including graduates of the acting studio he established. Through these very heirs, the film follows Nativ’s contradictory personality as of one of the main figures of modern Israeli theatre, a cultural hero who sought to be an actor and a teacher, who was rejected by the establishment, and who paid a personal and physical price for the alternative vision of the world he envisioned.


Subject:Biography, Theater
Official site:The Acting Teacher
Director:Shlomo Hayun
Producers:Renen Schorr
Production company:Blues Productions Ltd
Hanabi Productions

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