The Attack

Directed by: Ziad Doueiri
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A Palestinian surgeon working in a Tel-Aviv hospital is shocked to discover that his wife was involved in a suicide bomb attack. He ventures into the West Bank to confront the people who recruited her. 

Subject:Death, Crime, Anti-Semitism, Domestic Violence
Director:Ziad Doueiri
Producers:Jean Brehat, Ranchid Bouchareb, Amir Harel
Production company:3B Productions
Lama Films



The Attack

Romance, Middle East politics mingle in 'Attack'

"The Attack" isn't the first drama to examine what breeds a terrorist, or to explore Israeli-Palestinian divides, but it is a stirring blend of reality and romance. As an investigative mystery, it's..View More

The Attack

Arab world bans The Attack

It's getting great reviews in the United States and a warm reception in Israel, but Ziad Doueiri's new feature about a suicide bombing is banned in the Arab world - permanently. Citing its human of..View More

The Attack

A broad perspective leaves The Attack with little to say

The protagonist of The Attack is a character that we haven't really met before in movies coming out of the Middle East: a Palestinian Arab who has successfully integrated into Israeli society. As a..View More

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