The Cutoff Man

Minatek Ha'Mayim
Directed by: Idan Hubel
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Gabi has the unpleasant job of cutting off the water supply of people who don't pay their bills. When people see him they curse and humiliate him. This is his only option, or he will face unemployment. How long will it take before Gabi breaks? 



Subject:Friendship, Career, Sports
Director:Idan Hubel
Producers:Eitan Mantzuri
Production company: Cinema Group, Tel Aviv
Film Distributor:EZ Films
+33 6 82 47 34 20

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The Cutoff Man

A dry look at ‘The Cutoff Man’

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The Cutoff Man

The Cutoff Man

Abbreviated and deliberately ambiguous, The Cutoff Man is a pointed consideration of masculinity and emasculation. Gabi, paterfamilias of a small Nahariya family, is an undemonstrative man. He uses..View More

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