The Dybbuk from the Holy Apple Field

Ha-Dybbuk B'sde Hatapuchim Hakdoshim
Directed by: Yossi Somer
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A mythic love story set in a timeless, lavishly colorful and mystical Jerusalem, this film is a modern-day reworking of the Yiddish folk tale and S. Ansky's Yiddish theatre classic, The Dybbuk. The biggest production in the history of Israeli cinema incorporates hard rock, striking set design, computer-generated imagery and modern-day tensions between the secular and the Orthodox worlds.


Hanan, a handsome young traveller - who has pierced ears and wears grungy flannel shirts - falls in love with Lea, the beautiful daughter of a leader in the religious community. Unbeknownst to the couple, a deal was struck, years earlier, in which they were promised to each other by their fathers. The father of the boy has since passed away.

Hanan is seized by hallucinogenic visions of a Holy Apple Field that convince him his love for Leah is the embodiment of perfect spiritual union. Because he is a secular Jew and poor, he is shunned by Leah's father. Hanan consults with a master of Kabbala (a set of mysteriously forbidden eleventh-century texts) and unleashes untold powers, merging the erotic with the divine, affirming love's infinite potential to transcend all obstacles.

The lovers are played by Yehezkel Lazarov and Ayelet Z'urer, two of Israel's most talented young actors, who also star in the extremely popular Israel television show Florentene. Winner of five Israeli Academy awards. 1998 Berlin Film Festival.


Subject:Romance, Yiddish
Director:Yossi Somer
Producers:Jack Dimenstein, Rudiger Findeisen, Dani Geys, Edi Hubschmid, Yossi Somer, Sara Dimenstein, Peter-Christian Fueter, Eyal Sher, Yoram Globus
Production company:Condor Films
Fidibus Films
Zodiac International Production Ltd.


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