The Hangman

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The life of Shalom, the Nazi major officer Adolf Eichmann's hangman, turned ritual slaughterer, encapsulates the story of Israel from the perspective of the "other" - the marginalized Sephardi prison warden who is forced to do the dirty work of hanging the arch enemy and thus to carry a national burden that dramatically shaped his life. His job in the abattoir, together with his memories of his past, create a fascinating and complex portrait.

Shalom's clear, alternative voice from the margins of society carries a deeply humanistic universal message. 

Subject:Crime, Holocaust
Director:Netalie Braun, Avigail Sperber
Producers:Netalie Braun, Avigail Sperber
Production company:Pardes Films
Film Distributor:First Hand Films
41 44 312 20 60
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