The Loners

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Directed by: Renen Schorr
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The story of two "lone soldiers" - immigrants who have come to Israel on their own, one from Russia and the other from the Caucasus. Despite being highly motivated with a deep desire to excel and contribute to the country, the two fall into a predictable trap awaiting those who are foreign, alone and unprotected, without home, family and homeland. The film, in Russian and Hebrew, is based on events that took place in a military prison in northern Israel in 1997.

Subject:Immigration, Russians
Director:Renen Schorr
Producers:Assaf Amir, Yoav Roeh, Elie Meirovitz
Production company:Norma Productions
EZ Films
+33 6 82 47 34 20
Film Distributor:EZ Films
+33 6 82 47 34 20
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posted by Ruth Leveson on June 06, 2011

A marvellous, though provoking and moving film. Apart from being a tense drama the relationship between the two main protagonists was sensitively portrayed and beautifully acted. A must see film.

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