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The Cinema South festival is held in southern Israel, located in one of the most charged and fascinating areas in the Middle East - in the midst of townships of long-established immigrants from North Africa, who live alongside recent immigrants from Ethiopia and Caucasia, among Latin American moshavim and kibbutzim, communities of semi-nomadic Bedouin, and in close proximity to large Palestinian cities - Gaza and Rafiah. Within these triangular borders, we attempt to open the way for a new sort of film - different, bold, and aspiring. "South" here means far more than just geographic location - it's a cinematic worldview implemented in cinema that's impoverished in means, but rich in humanity. "The south" is a metaphor for creation taking place in a peripheral area, without inferiority complexes and with ambitions to spark off a critical dialogue with the hegemonic centre.Cinema South believes in cinema which believes in people, wherever they are; it believes in cinema that tries to reveal human happiness - and its absence - in film that tries to expose the superfluous evils that people suffer from, as well as the production and distribution of those evils. And finally, we believe in direct contact with reality and the people who inhabit it, in the idea of Cesare Zavattini's "encounter camera". Cinema South strives to bring the individual back to the centre.

This festival is a direct extension of the Department of Film & TV at Sapir College. Among others, the vision of our department and the college calls for establishing a civil society in Israel, drawing together different groups of the population in Israel and Palestine, and hoping to create a culture that connects people.

We invite you to come and take part, free of charge, in our cinematic carnival in the South. Come and be thrilled, be moved to tears, and roar with laughter with us. Most of all, come and spend five mesmerizing days when we assume moral responsibility for the tracking shot...


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