The Old Stores

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Directed by: Yoav Gurfinkel
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This is the story of a number of old stores in modern-day Jaffa-Tel Aviv - all small businesses, 40 years old or older, who have somehow survived despite the hardships of time.


The film passes between the stores and unfolds an old and aging world of tradition and family businesses, a whole fabric of life and places very different from the fast, dynamic life that surrounds us.


Among the participating stores: A barber shop about to close. Mikolinsy shoes - which was one of the city's most elegant shops. Café Mersand -whose mythological owner suffered a stroke, and whose new young owners haven't changed a thing and kept the café's décor, tradition and customers. A hat shop - whose two partners have been working together for 64 years.


Subject:Jaffa, History
Director:Yoav Gurfinkel
Film Distributor:IsraeliFilms
+972-3-6812121, 972-50-5572957



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