The Summer Holiday

Directed by: Shmuel Haymovitz
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The Summer Vacation, of 1982, The time of the Lebanon war. Gal a mischievous 13 Years old boy delivers the mail in his small agricultural village. His post route leads him to Haya a 19 years old girl with a serious heart disease who finds comfort in writing and receiving letters from the soldiers fighting in Lebanon. A special relationship develops between the two. Haya's condition deteriorates and Gal out of care for her, decides to go to Lebanon and look for the one soldier Haya has fallen in love with.

Subject:Friendship, Children, Romance, Illness, Adolescence, Israel's Wars
Director:Shmuel Haymovitz
Producers:Dikla Barkai, Yoav Roeh
Production company:Sumsum Productions Ltd


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