The World is Funny

Ha'Olam Matzchik
Directed by: Shemi Zarhin
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After eight years, a boy awakens a big secret form the past. Meanwhile, Jordana, a travel agent, discovers she is pregnant, though she has been celibate for years. At the same time, Golan, a radio host decides to revive Israeli comedy group, HaGashash HaHiver, in order to save his love. These characters and many other are part of a writers workshop in a public library in Tiberias. This funny movies weaves them into the story one family, one city and one world.


Director:Shemi Zarhin
Producers:Moshe Edri, Talia Kleinhendler and Ayelet Efrati
Production company:Pie Films
United King Films
Moshe Edery
Film Distributor:IsraeliFilms
+972-3-6812121, 972-50-5572957


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