There Was No War in '72

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There Was No War in '72

B'Shivim Ushtayim Lo Hayta Milhama
Directed by: David Krainer
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An affectionate portrait of a family whose members are behaving at their worst. The story of There Was No War in '72 begins from the point of view of Yoni (Adam Abulafia), the beleaguered son of an overbearing businessman (Shmuel Edelman). To the intense disappointment of his father, Yoni has just been kicked out of his private school for poor grades, and his American mother (Ava Haddad) is trying to get him to go to the boarding school she has cajoled into accepting him. However, he would prefer just to hang around and make his father's life miserable. As the film progresses, the father's perspective about his son becomes understandable, as on the occasion when the boy snitches on his mother, who is having an affair.

Subject:Family, Adolescence, Israel's Wars
Director:David Krainer
Producers:Yanit Krainer
Production company:72 Production Ltd.
Film Distributor:72 Production Ltd.
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