Therefore Choose Life

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Directed by: Nir Toib, Gil Izackov
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With the cancer raging through his body, Nir embarked on a journey to produce his life anew, in his own unique way. Director Gil Izackov accompanied Nir on an intimate, fearless journey of survival and triumph, sown with trials and tribulations, revolutionary discoveries and personal revelations. He went on to continue making the film after Nir’s death.The film accompanies Nir and the people who joined him on his journey as he pushed the frontiers of science in an attempt to find the “Golden Flower” that would save his life.

Subject:Death, Illness
Director:Nir Toib, Gil Izackov
Producers:Galit Lieber-Toib, Moriya Moyal
Production company:G.N. Communication Nir Toib Ltd

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