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Things Behind the Sun

Dvarim Sh'Me'achorey Ha'Shemesh
Directed by: Yuval Shafferman
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This film offers a glimpse into the Grossman's family life, each struggling to find love and intimacy while insisting on sealing themselves from each other. When Abraham, the Grossman family's grandfather is hospitalized in a grave manner, Itzhak, his only son, finds himself confronted with a father whom he hasn't spoken with in many years. Itzhak seems incapable of expressing his inner distress, even to his closest. Meanwhile, Smadi, Itzhak's wife, has her first gallery exhibition which exposes for the first time dark family secrets. Didush, the family youngest, is set to decipher each of her family members' riddles. By secretly visiting a grandfather, whom she has never met and constantly asking questions none of the Grossman's wishes to answer Didush will embark on a journey set to reach, touch and piece together those so close yet so detached from her, or even their own selves.

Subject:Death, Family, Children, Illness, Adolescence, Sexuality, LGBTQ
Director:Yuval Shafferman
Producers:Uri Sabag, Einat Bickel
Production company:Paralite Films


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