Bein Ha'shmashot
Directed by: Alon Zingma
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Four different stories are interlinked during the course of one day in which all characters find themselves dealing with certain aspects of the relationships between parents and their children. Raffi, a boy of 9 and a new immigrant from Argentina, is in the hospital, fasting, before a belated circumcision procedure. Passing the time in the hospital halls, he meets Tamar, a young cancer patient "flirting" with death. During their time together Raffi discovers new truths about his parents. Oshri returns to Israel from an extended trip abroad. She is picked up at the airport by her father, Alex. While driving them both home, Alex's car hits a woman riding her bike and does not pull over to give assistance. Oshri's attempt to cover for her father's inaction will end badly. Meshulam, a senior policeman with a violent past, is stationed at the hospital where his son Amos works as a physician. He uses the situation in order to try to renew relations with him. Amos is slated to perform the procedure on Raffi and is also very attracted to the boy's mother. Amos will come to realize that he resembles his father more than he imagined. Chava, a divorced mother, works double shifts at the local airport's dutyfree shop. This job doesn't leave her enough time nor energy to tend to her 6-years-old daughter Gili. When she accidently learns the identity of her biological mother, she drags Gili along on a search for answers, which ultimately reveals just how important Gili is to her. These stories are about atonement as well as about our need for redemption and our capacity to forgive.

Subject:Family, Children, Illness, Judaism, Immigration
Director:Alon Zingma
Producers:Assaf Amir
Production company:Norma Productions


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