Wagner & Me

Wagner & Me
Directed by: Patrick McGrady
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Enter the world of history's most controversial composer. Actor Stephen Fry is a devoted fan of Richard Wagner's music - and so was Hitler. Fry is Jewish and acutely aware of the complexity of his enthusiasm for Richard Wagner. Can Fry disentangle the music he loves from its poisonous links with Hitler? Featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the Bayreuth Festival, the annual festival held in Wagner's honor and showcasing his music, and a full soundtrack of Wagner's famous music, this film explores the life and legacy of one of the world's most famous composers--and poses the question of if it's possible to separate the art from the artist. 

Subject:Comedy, Politics, Music, Holocaust, Theater, Arts
Official site:www.wagnerandme.com/Wagner_%26_Me/Home.html
Director:Patrick McGrady
Production company:British Broadcasting Corporation
Wavelength Films
Film Distributor:First Run Features
British Broadcasting Corporation

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