Your Younger Daughter Rachel

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Directed by: Efrat Corem
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Every morning, 16-year-old Rachel steals food from Reuven`s grocery. Ophir, the young guy who works there and is crazy about Rachel, often leaves some more items out for her. She just has to get out of the house. Even for a short while. To get away from her father, who slaps her mother around. He's been unemployed for two years, it's not easy for him, but his wife just suffers it all in silence.

Rachel has retreated from the family, but ultimately she`ll have to confront him. And then her. Shake her, tell her to stop, to shout, be angry... but then Rachel discovers that she doesn`t understand a thing. Not a thing.

Subject:Family, Adolescence
Director:Efrat Corem
Producers:Efrat Corem
Film Distributor:Go2Films Distribution & Marketing

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