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Bright, Dim (2016)

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Somewhere in the universe, deep in the heart of matter – shines a light on a dark planet. The light shines inside a small creature, who struggles to keep it away from monsters lurking in the.. View More

Yiddish Aroma

Yiddish Aroma (2004)

Directed by: Leonid Horovitz

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To some, Yiddish is a dead culture, but an increasing number of people feel strongly that the richness of its heritage is something to be preserved and passed down to future generations. The film on.. View More

Yoel, Israel and the Pashkavils (2006)

Yoel Yisrael V'HaPashkavilim

Directed by: Lina Chaplin

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Israel Kletzkin owns a printing press and has written and printed hundreds and thousands of pashkavils. Yoel Krause has been collecting them for 20 years and has over 20,000 in his possession. Yoel.. View More
Noam Pinchas, left, and Tal Barda co-directed and produced The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev, which screens Feb. 25


The upcoming Israeli film festival is a great way for Canadians to be exposed to Israeli cinema, says Irit Stopper, deputy consul general of Israel. Stopper said the Israeli film industry has in in..View More

Annual Jewish Film Fest Greensboro

Annual Jewish Film Festival begins on Feb. 11 in Greensboro

The annual Triad Jewish Film Festival will features six thought-provoking films from around the world from Feb. 11 to 23 at Regal Greensboro Grande Stadium 16. According to Sarah Malino, chairwoman..View More

Film festival offers 32 films showcasing Jewish and Israeli cinema

Mizel Arts and Culture Center is hosting the 21st annual Denver Jewish Film Festival sponsored by Wagner Wealth Management and the Sturm Family Foundation through Feb. 20 in the Elaine Wolf Theatre..View More