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Carole Zabar
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Carole Zabar

An active supporter of Israeli filmmaking, Mrs. Zabar is the founder of the Other Israel Film Festival ( and The Israel Film Center.

She was born in Detroit Michigan and attended Hebrew University of Jerusalem, graduating with degrees in Philosophy and English. For the last 30 years she has been active in many Israeli non-profit organizations related to civil rights. She was a professional photographer for ten years, then went to Law school and worked for the City Law Department of New York in the Family Court Division. She left that to focus on her painting. In 2006 she established The Other Israel Film Festival on the topic of Arab citizen's of Israel. She is also the co-founder of the Israel Film Center at the JCC in Manhattan. As part of her support for Israeli cultural, social and political causes, Mrs. Zabar serves as board member of The JCC in Manhattan, New Israel Fund, and the American Friends of Meretz. She most recently, served as executive producer of the documentary film Zahara