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Micha Shagrir

Micha Shagrir is an Israeli filmmaker and producer. He grew up in Heftziba until the age of 5, then in Tel-Aviv and Holon. He Served in the IDF in the "Parachuts Nahal" unit and was a member of the 'Harel Kibutz' from 1955 until 1960. From 1958-1959 he was a news reporter for "Hal Ha-Mishmar" and in 1960-1964 was a news reporter and the news editor for "Kol Israel" radio station. In 1964 he was sent as one of the establishing members of the Israeli Television to study in London at the BBC. Since the middle of the 60's he directed and produced dozens of films and became one of the senior producers in Israel. From 1968-1988 he ran 'Kastel Productions' which was one of the biggest productions companies in Israel and focused mostly on documentary. It produced hundreds of documentary films by major Israeli filmmakers.

In 1980, Micha Shagrir's wife Aliza was murdered in a terror attack in Paris.